I think transferring hosting provider was the single greatest nightmare I’ve had in my life. I bought a few domains with 1and1, hoping to get SSL certificates that were advertised, however you only get one SSL certificate per contract. I’d have to create multiple contracts for all my domains, and then would not be able to point them to the relevant sub-directory in my hosting package. So I decided to call it quits.

I researched hosting providers and found iPage to be fairly cheap and offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. I routed my domains through Cloudflareto take advantage of the CDN and other features. Transferring my WordPress sites over was a big headache. 1and1 had included php.ini files in my WordPress directories which of course didn’t work with my new hosting provider. And I encountered the notorious HTTPS redirect loop that Cloudflare gives you.

However, I’ve now transferred all my sites and they all work, just about. There are still some errors with the WordPress installations. But I’ve saved money, and all my websites have an SSL certificate and make use of a CDN. I’m happy.