Now I’ve come across two instances of Wix in the past couple of months. Neither website was optimised for mobile. Wix has the option there, but it’s incredibly hard to use, you can change one thing and it will delete half the content on your site. The drag and drop editor is extremely slow, it’s like trying to load Photoshop in a browser, it’s just extremely bad practice and results in poorly optimized sites. However, the quality of their television adverts seem to drive people to their site. The use of celebrities make their customers believe that they are creating something modern.

As an alternative, I’d suggest WordPress. It’s also hard to wrap your head around and customize, especially with the new Gutenberg update. Its ease of use is satisfactory if you’re an ordinary person, but can be somewhat frustrating if you’re a web designer. WordPress runs 30% of websites, according to this article by VentureBeat, and there are over 55,000 plugins available. There’s not much you can’t do with the platform. Oh, and it’s mobile-friendly too.