Joe Bailey

I deliver great websites, applications, and experiences.

Work History

Software Engineer


Priority Digital Health Ltd

July 2023 - Present

I had another steep learning curve to transition fully to backend development using Symfony. 6 months on and a team re-shuffle meant I could go back to being a full-stack developer. I now help build both our front-end (React) and back-end platforms. Having software that caters to thousands of users means code must be robust and thoroughly tested, quite a change from the small websites I was working on before. As part of our efforts to reduce bugs, I'm constantly suggesting improvements to our workflows both from a DevOps and business perspective.

Web Developer


Rareloop Ltd

April 2022 - July 2023

Starting at Rareloop, I had a steep learning curve to bring myself up to speed on OOP PHP and Laravel. I quickly got to grips and started building MVC WordPress sites with ACF, Lumberjack and Rareloop’s bespoke page builder. With each site, I continuously iterated on company processes, improving things for future developers. I am proud to have worked at a B-Corps company, helping to make the web a better place for all.

Development Liaison


Toolkit Websites Ltd

October 2021 – March 2022

Transitioning to a part-time role, I managed more high-level projects whilst continuing with my previous responsibilities:

  • Come up with new ideas and brief up tasks for back-end developers to implement into our internal CRM and CMS
  • Manage the migration of 1400 domains’ DNS from eNom to Cloudflare in response to a service provider outage
  • Assess staff needs and provide technical solutions to everyday burdens
  • Assist with migration of server stack from Rackspace to Azure
  • Thorough testing of all internal systems

Development Liaison


Toolkit Websites Ltd

June 2021 – October 2021

As my role within Toolkit Websites grew, so did my responsibilities:

  • Train new staff members
  • Create coding documentation for new staff members
  • Create an intricate learning program for new staff members
  • Manage code snippets
  • Create a coding style guide
  • Review coding procedures and best practises
  • Quality assure newly published websites
  • Perform code reviews
  • Manage a redesign of Toolkit’s support and main website
  • Perform email migrations for clients
  • Manage clients domain names, transfers, DNS, etc.

Web Developer


Toolkit Websites Ltd

October 2020 – June 2021

Working at Toolkit Websites, I had many varying responsibilities:

  • Design logos
  • Design websites
  • Develop custom solutions for client requests on websites
  • Add content to websites using Toolkit’s bespoke Content Management System
  • Support clients via email with a 1 hour SLA
  • Support clients via phone

Senior Engineer


Train In Blocks Ltd

September 2020 – August 2022

Train In Blocks developed an app for Personal Trainers to manage their clients more efficiently. I managed a team to develop and promote the app. My responsibilities included:

  • Code reviewing other staff members work
  • Testing the application for speed, use, and accessibility, among other things
  • Managing the hosting of the application and website via Netlify
  • Managing background functions needed to make the application work
  • Managing the PHP API and adding new features and tables as and when needed
  • Integrating the Stripe API with the application for payment processing for both us and our clients
  • Managing the authentication flow of users via Okta
  • Implementing new features within the VueJS application
  • Responding to any bugs within the application
  • Hiring staff members for our Marketing strategy
  • Reviewing staff members performance
  • Assigning tasks to marketing and development staff
  • Analysing analytics to better serve our users
  • Creating advertising campaigns to promote the application
  • Planning marketing activities to promote the application
  • Facilitating the necessary collaboration tools needed for staff members such as Jira, Discord, Google Drive
  • Managing 3rd party suppliers of marketing services
  • Writing technical dossiers for new staff members


Solent University

Bsc with First Class Honours

Web Design and Development

September 2018 – June 2022

Graduating Solent University with a First Class Honours took 4 years of hard work and dedication. My university experience as a whole helped build a strong foundation for my current development career.

Travelling to Denmark, I took part in a week long project working with students from around Europe to design a website for a real client. This gave me great independence, whilst also teaching me how to work as part of a team.

The Dynamo Challenge hosted at The University of Bournemouth and sponsored by Enterprise and IBM was a one-day event for students from different universities around the South of England. I teamed up with like-minded students to solve real-world problems that IBM were facing. This was a great day to network, problem-solve, and pitch ideas.